5505608386215936 Candle Element 蠟燭原料店 Christmas 3 type Sticker 聖誕三款貼紙 5pcs /set Size 尺寸 : Round 圓形 Width寬度 3.6cm, Length長度 5.1cm The price below is a set of 5 pieces, 5 pcs x 9 small stickers = Total 45 small stickers 下面的價格是一套5張 5張 x 9 Product #: candleelement-Christmas 3 type Sticker 聖誕三款貼紙 5pcs /set 2023-01-25 Regular price: $HKD$28.0 Available from: Candle Element 蠟燭原料店In stock